Friday, September 13, 2013

Return and A Fresh Start

It has been almost a year since I've done any blogging at all. Ever since the crash of my beloved journalspace, I have found it hard to blog regularly. I've had my Random Thoughts blog here on blogger and yet have never managed to write regularly. About the same time as the great JS crash, I started a Thursday night praise service at church and the fifteen minutes or so during that service where I shared the message seemed to fulfill the need to say something that blogging filled. All of a sudden, almost five years later, I find myself longing to blog; to once again write down the significant and insignificant thoughts that pass through my mind. I need a place to do that and as I looked at my Random Thoughts blog, it seemed like in many ways, I needed a new and different space. As I thought about a title and wondered how I would come up with anything I liked as much as Random Thoughts, I thought about just wiping that blog clean - which I did accidently a year ago, losing most of my previous posts, but somehow that didn't seem right. A fresh start, a new introduction to blogging demeanded a fresh, unused space. All of a sudden, GraceNotes popped into my head and seemed just right. I am learning, more and more each day o live in the grace that has been given in abundance to me and which is more than enough for everything I need. May this space be a safe place where I can celebrate the big and little, significant and insignificant, the joy and the sorrow of living a life genuinely and with grace. Praying your day is filled to overflowing with the glorious grace of God.

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