Tuesday, September 24, 2013


On September 24, 2007, one of the finest men I've ever known left this world to join the life eternal. Today, on the sixth anniversary of his passing, my heart and mind are full of memories of him. One of the greatest decisions my parents ever made for me was to choose my mom's friends Joe and Marilyn to be my godparents. We lived with connecting backyards and my two sisters and I spent many hours playing with their four children. Almost fifty years later, their youngest daughter remains one of my dearest friends. After my dad left our family when I was 11 or so, I foundmyself feeling rather distrustful of men. My godfather, in a very natural - and often humorous way, was able to love me in a way I desperately needed. At a time in my life when I didn't think highly of men in general, he reminded me again and again by his presence that there were men who not only could be trusted but would and could enrich my life. I still remember with joy eating Sunday dinners around his table, complete with delicious food and lots of laughter. I remember numerous conversations in the backyard and the smell of his ever-present pipe. As I became an adult, after marriage and two aamazing children, a subsequent divorce and returning to work, I didn't keep in touch with him or my godmother the way I would have like too. Even though I really regret this, I am reminded that their love and encouragement was always with me. So today I celebrate Joe and the life he lived, the family he loved, and the God he so lovingly served. I am so grateful for his influence in my life and that even after all these years, his fingerprints are all over my heart. Praying that you have the chance to remember with love someone who has left fingerprints all over your heart. May you rejoice in God's goodness and love as you do!

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