Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shaking off the dust

I've really struggled with blogging over the past few years and have left this blog pretty much untouched. Some combination of not being able to access the blogger site with voiceover on my ipad and filling up my days withother things have left me with a dusty blog. Lately though, I find myself longing to write again God has been reminding me lately how important it is to keep some record of what He does in my life. I've felt that call in my personal journal as well as this blog and yet, I continue to procrastinate. Some days, I get a glimpse of all the little graces that I've forgotten, of all the times God has come bursting into the ordinary moments of my days. Today, I'm shaking the dust off and posting something. May I be a better record keeper of God's goodness and unfailing love and grace to me. May I celebrate His extraordinary presence in my ordinary life. May you catch a glimpse of His love and grace today! To Him be the glory!

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